Fear of Missing Out


It’s common for bloggers (including me) to write a post that tidily summarizes an idea. How to make your life better in 4 easy steps. The best ways to travel with a colicky toddler. What I learned from snorkeling with dolphins. Internet, this post is none of that. This one is a live report from […]

Randomgrams – September 2015


Random Instagram selections of a landscape that continues to astound me. Oregon knows how to do sunsets.¬† Not particularly clear (there’s only so much an iPhone can do), but still a glimpse of Mt. Hood on a glorious Sunday afternoon. On an impulse I drove an hour north one night after work. The light was […]

The Geometry of Grief


There is a place in Berlin that defies description. Or, to put it more precisely, I can describe it to you, but that won’t tell you what it feels like to be there. The place is called the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. It’s a memorial¬†to the Jews who died in the Holocaust, […]

Hidden Tension

feature Mouse

Bodies are amazing. Think about all the things they do without us really having to think about it. Hearts beat, food digests, white blood cells fight wars, skin regenerates… all this with only our intermittent awareness. Until something stops working. In the past, I’ve lost range of motion without really realizing it. This week, that […]

No hugging. No learning.


I am someone who likes self-improvement. Not that I always take the advice, but show me a “how to improve…” article or blog post or podcast or book and I’m in. And nowadays, we all have devices that can constantly feed us a stream of articles, voices and images that promise that, somewhere, someone is […]