Randomgrams – Summer 2015


Pictures from a whole bunch of states, three months and one Instagram account.           All photos taken by me, with an iPhone6. More random Instagram can be found in my account, previewed in the right sidebar.

Math and Magic


I stumble over the most amazing things when I travel. Earlier this year, on a very touristy getaway to Cancun, friends talked me into visiting Chichen Itza. I’m ashamed to say what little I knew about this world wonder was from it being the setting of a Dresden Files novel. While the book was good, it […]

Already broken


I now live in a part of the world that has volcanoes. Volcanoes! Finally, my fifth-grade geography lessons are being put to use. After a lifetime of terrain gently sculpted by a receding glacier or two, I now marvel at ridges and ranges and buttes and coastal rivers and snowy peaks. One of those peaks, […]

Where I am


Much has happened since my last post. I’ve moved house, both literally and metaphorically. My new home is in the Pacific Northwest, 2500 miles away from the Midwest where I’ve spent all of my adult life. My new home online is a revamped site, under my own name. Neither of those could not have happened without […]

Last stroll


To my amazement, my packing was completed in time for me to take a last stroll around my (soon to be old) neighborhood. The air was perfect, the light golden and the mood sweet. It is a blessing to uproot your life by choice and not by necessity. It is a blessing to have work […]